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Research shows that game-based learning strengthens students’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes toward the topic taught and motivates and educates better than traditional teaching methods. Our financial games promote learning in a less traditional context. We have created three different game-based educational websites with kids aged kindergarten through high school in mind.

These games are based on Jump$tart standards for financial literacy and are available free online. Play our fun money games at any time!

The Fun Vault is a gaming site for kids aged 5-8. The platform includes over 10 games which teach kids basic financial concepts such as saving money, setting and working towards goals, and identifying coins and currency.

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Sand Dollar City is an interactive online gaming platform for kids aged 8-12. Players create a character and enter into a virtual reality where they learn about managing expenses, bank accounts, credit cards, and saving money by making decisions and experiencing the consequences of those decisions.

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IRule Money is an educational site for teens aged 13-18. The platform teaches teens about interest and debt, investment risk management, paying for college, and more through games, quizzes, and peer-to-peer videos in which teens explain relevant financial concepts to other teens.

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