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The FitKit™ – A Financial Literacy Curriculum

When America’s students don’t understand their personal finances, they struggle to achieve, be happy,and create financial security.


Financial Literacy Facts
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FitKit™ Curriculum

FitKit™ is a Financial Literacy curriculum that teaches high school students the entire spectrum of fiscal topics necessary for success. Our curriculum sets itself apart thanks to its engaging interactive content, pre- and post-test assessments and continual support from DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation. FitKit™ is mapped to both State and National Standards and offers varied instructional strategies including the use of video and animation, humor, blogging, social collaboration, and gaming. This empowers educators to customize the curriculum to better fit their needs so that it truly resonates with their students.


FitKit™ is a complete turnkey solution, each content unit includes:


  • Content Background Information for Teachers
  • Adaptive Quizzing Tools
  • Videos and Animations
  • Engaging Humorous Content
  • Key Vocabulary
  • Internet Links
  • Slide Presentations
  • Study Guides
  • Activities Handouts and Answer Keys
  • Core and Extension Activities
  • Student Objectives and Essential Questions
  • Assessment Tools and Teacher Diagnostics


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Request More Information

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