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The Good News

Financial education is increasingly becoming a required topic in school standards in order for students to graduate.
    •    45 states include financial education in the K-12 standards
    •    22 states require a financial education course to be offered and require that students take the course in High School


The Bad News

Teachers lack the resources, content and knowledge to effectively teach personal finances topics.
    •    Fewer than 69% of teachers report feeling competent to teach personal finance topics
    •    Only 7 states actually measure financial education standards


FitKit™ is a Complete Turnkey Solution

  1. Engaging content: Combines video content, interactive gaming, group activities and lesson plans that encourage student engagement
  2. Fulfills Standards: Meets state and national education standards
  3. Empowers Teachers: Provides teachers without a finance background easy-to-implement curriculum, teaching cues, background information and support materials.



FitKit™ for Girls

Money Games for Kids


Proper Financial Education can make all the Difference

Credit Scores before and after 2007 Financial Education Mandates


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