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Becoming More Financially Literate On Your Way to Work

By: Joe Curotto 

Commutes to work can be long and boring, especially while you’re sitting in traffic listening to the same morning show host ramble on about useless information containing celebrity drama and current events that do nothing to stimulate you intellectually. Listening to podcasts is a recent trend that provides listeners with thought provoking ideas, useful tips, comedic relief, and gives them a way to relax and learn. There are many different types of business podcasts available to listen to and watch through a plethora of different sites. Apple and Spotify are two of the larger carriers of podcasts and they give readers the advantage of downloading them so that they can listen to it anywhere they go. With such a large financial literacy epidemic in the United States today, it is important to make the most of your time and expand your personal financial knowledge any chance you can. You can use the variety of podcasts offered to expand your understanding of personal finance and find which one suits your greatest needs. Hopefully, listening to these podcasts on personal finance and other financial skills can start to give you knowledge that can help chip away at the growing financial illiteracy rates.

Podcasts are meant to be factual, yet entertaining at the same time. Most podcasts will bring on guests so that they can debate the topic they have chosen for the day. These discussions are more often than not the most interesting part of each episode. It is where most of the useful information is spoken and often leads to some comedic relief as the discussions get more intense. 

Financial podcasts can vary on topics. They can range from talking about personal finance, investing, retirement plans, to financial literacy. If you find a podcast host that you enjoy listening to they usually talk about different types of topics each week. Dave Ramsey who is the host of The Dave Ramsey show speaks on a variety of financial and personal finance topics each day. One day he will talk about credit cards, then the next day he will move onto retirement. Each one of his shows lasts for three hours and can be found through many different streaming services, most notably Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, and satellite. 

There are some podcasts that focus solely on one general topic, like investing, but each week they dive in and talk about a smaller more refined topic. InvestED podcasts are geared towards information on investments. Their recent episodes talked about some shortcomings in the stock market with various stocks. InvestED podcasts are usually under an hour in time and are perfect for shorter commutes or when you are limited on time.  

Most Podcasts have two ways to enjoy them. You can either just follow the audio or if provided enjoy the live video stream. The advantage to a video stream is that you can watch host or hosts work together and see how they react to one another's comments. 

DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation’s Executive Director, Rob Church, was the featured guest on Episode 113, Financial Literacy In the Classroom with Rob Church, of Money Savage. Rob speaks about how parents and schools need to start being held responsible for their children’s financial education and how it can affect their futures. He also talks about how, as parents, you need to realize that there are genuine teaching moments in front of you as you purchase various items.  

I am personally an avid podcast listener and do so every morning on my hour commute to work. They give me an escape from the traffic and annoying drivers without taking my attention away from the road. The podcasts I generally listen to range from an hour and a half (these I generally save for my commute) to three hours long (my drive back and forth to college) and make the ride go by much quicker. I have personally found that you do need to find a few different podcasts so that you have some variation in what you are listening to. This not only keeps you from getting tired of hearing the same voice everyday but also allows you to broaden your spectrum and advance your overall learning of the business world. 

Podcasts give people an escape from the boring roads they see every day as they drive to work. They provide you with an easy and entertaining way of learning topics that may be otherwise boring if you read about them. 

Here is a list of the larger business podcasts

  • The Dave Ramsey Show (3 hours)
  • InvestED (30-60 minutes)
  • Money Savage (10-30 minutes)
  • Listen, Money Matters (45-60 minutes)
  • Planet Money by NPR (15-30 minutes)
  • The Tim Ferriss Show (1-2 hours)
  • So Money (30-50 minutes)
  • Side Hustle Nation (20-60 minutes)
  • Radical Personal Finance ( 20-120 minutes)
  • The College Investor Audio Show (5-30 minutes)
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