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10 Important Career Strategies for Women

By: Aya Fukahori and Andrew Anastasio

Strategizing in the workforce is imperative for both men and women. However, due to gender inequality and the obstacles women regularly face in their careers, it is important that they consistently practice and maintain strategies that will aid them no matter what their job title or position. It is important to remember that these strategies do not have to be complex or difficult; oftentimes, workforce strategies boil down to being consistent, displaying actual interest in the company, and performing tasks within the company with confidence and determination. Here is a list of ten important strategies to remember regardless of whether you are currently looking for a job, attempting to gain a promotion, or just want to stand out from the crowd and be the best employee possible.

1) Being continually persistent
Persistence can be key when it comes to obtaining a coveted position in any workforce field. Displaying persistence and a determined attitude will help differentiate you from other candidates seeking the same position and will allow employers an insight into the type of mindset you can bring to the table. Persistence is a proven method when in pursuit of something; therefore, it is always important to remember to never give up when attempting to reach a goal, no matter how long said goal may take to reach.

2) Researching the company and position in advance
This advice cannot be understated: it is imperative to know the company you have applied to before you attend the interview. Knowing the history of the company, the owners, and the names of the managers in your department will help you avoid any embarrassing errors or incorrect statements when you finally begin the interview process. Companies love to see employees that are fully committed to their company; knowing their background and some key information is a fantastic way to display your commitment to them and leave an indelible impression that will be remembered when it comes time for them to make a final hiring decision.

3) Creating a list of questions for the interviewer
When an interviewer is done discussing the desired position and obtaining details of your work history and skills, they typically conclude an interview by asking if the interviewee has any questions or concerns to be addressed. This is when an interviewee is given the opportunity to display their dedication and interest in the position. By asking well thought out questions, interviewers will recognize that you have taken the time to thoroughly consider the role you have applied for. These questions can also help to determine whether you actually think the role or position is well-suited to your specific skills. Never be afraid to ask bold questions and keep the interviewer on their toes; one day they may end up being a co-worker, and this is a great way to establish from the beginning your authority and confidence in your ability to fill the desired position.

4) Projecting confidence in your abilities
Remember, you are in your current position for a reason! Having confidence in your capabilities goes a long way in the workforce, especially when you consistently project that confidence to those around you. This does not mean you have to be arrogant or conceited to the point where you become unbearable to your coworkers; however, you should always conduct yourself with a confident air while still retaining the ability to take the advice and aid of your fellow employees or supervisors whenever it is necessary.

5) Pushing yourself to take on new challenges
Never be afraid to take on new challenges in the workforce. Challenges build character and open doors to new positions and opportunities. An employee unafraid to take on risks and challenges for themselves will most certainly be recognized by management for contributions they are making in their company. These challenges will also help you grow as an individual; by testing yourself and overcoming unfamiliar obstacles, you will become more confident in your overall ability to achieve whatever you set your mind to. New experiences and challenges are invaluable to an ambitious employee looking to rise through the ranks in their company.

6) Asking for feedback
Asking for feedback is crucial when wanting to hit peak performance in your position. Feedback from supervisors and coworkers allows you to fully understand how your performance is currently being viewed within the company. It is also imperative to know what areas of improvement are necessary for you to take the next step along your career path. Lastly, asking for feedback displays a personal recognition that there is always room for improvement no matter what the position and that you are willing to go the extra mile to ensure you are providing your company with the best possible employee they could have.

7) Networking
Keep networking internal and external organization to let people remember your name when interesting projects are discussed. This is important habit while women are working. Beside, for the time women want to restart to build their career after they pose the career because the situation of their life change. Building strong network worth time and effort. Importantly, not only network in work environment but having someone who are in the common situation as you will help women establish the idea how to deal with the career and family and make you feel you are not alone. Such person may be able to be your mentor when you are overwhelmed by too much things to handle by yourself.

8) Having career goals
Men and women have the same opportunity to go to college, build their career, and make money through doing what they want to do. However, women may have more twists and turns in their career than men. For example, women commonly deal with having a baby, raising a family, etc. while men concentrate on building up their careers without these typical events that can cause a woman to spend time away from work.This is why it can be essential to have a career goal in mind for the long-term which takes into account possible events at each life stage and have a plan for a response to these events when they happen. Thinking ahead can help women avoid simply giving up their career when an unexpected event with major life consequences arises.

9) Maintaining an updated resume
Remember to consistently amend your resume whenever you learn a new skill or receive an internal promotion at your current place of employment. By constantly having an updated resume filed away, you can more easily keep track of your skillset and will give yourself full credit for all the work you are capable of doing. When your resume is not up-to-date it can make applying to a new position or making the case for a promotion on the fly more difficult and time-consuming, as well as force you to rack your brain for all the different skills you have acquired that will help garner further interest from an employer.

10) Keeping an eye on things you are interested in
In today’s high technological society, there are so many ways to reach out the things you are interested in even you are not intentionally doing it. But if women are just being so busy due to work, family, and other things they have to take care of, they don’t have time to spend for themselves. But keep in mind to keep your eye on what you are interested in and collect information anytime. This mindset is worth for women to grab the chances that they don’t want to miss at the right timing and give them options to step forwards. Just subscribing someone’s blog or free newsletter, or following some persons who intrigue you on instagram or twitter may be a good start.

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