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Robert Church
For Immediate Release:
Princeton-Based DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation Names Morton Collins Vice Chair
Princeton, NJ – DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation (DMFLF) has named Morton Collins as Vice Chair of the Board of Directors. Foundation Chairman Kenneth Damato tapped Mr. Collins to lead the Foundation’s fundraising efforts as it embarks on an aggressive campaign to provide personal finance training to 100,000 students in the next several years and improve the financial literacy of today’s youth.
DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation’s mission is to prepare today’s students and the larger community for a lifetime of financial responsibility by providing engaging personal finance programs to schools and communities. After several years developing an original 60-hour education curriculum, the Foundation has given their educational materials to teachers who have provided financial literacy training to 5,750 middle and high school students thus far.
Collins’ appointment comes on the heels of both a new standards law requiring the New Jersey State Board of Education to include financial literacy instruction for all sixth- to eighth-grade students, and calls by officials from other states to require personal finance education in schools.  
“This new law, and calls specifically for personal finance education in other states, validates our sense of urgency in wanting to address the serious decline in financial literacy in our communities and among our young people,” said Mr. Collins. “Without the training to make sound financial decisions that will greatly impact their future, our youth are being saddled by student loans and credit card debt. For teens and young adults from impoverished communities and modest-income families, the need for financial literacy training is even greater.”
Mr. Collins serves as Founder and Managing Partner of M. Collins Ventures LLC, a venture capital fund focused on therapeutic immunology, ultrafast lasers and quantum computing. He was Founder and CEO of Data Science Ventures (DSV I) from 1968-1974, an early-stage Venture Capital and Management Assistance Fund for high-technology companies which expanded in 1974-1998 into DSV II, DSV III , and DSV IV. Mr. Collins also was a Special Limited Partner and served as Founder and Managing Partner of Battelle Venture Partners. Earlier in his career, he was Founder and CEO of Scientific Research of Princeton, an IT service company. He also serves on numerous boards including as Director of Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Formula Pharmaceuticals Inc., Pharos LLC and Midawi Holdings Inc.  He is the Co-founder and Chairman of Geneos Therapeutics, (Director), Chairman of PD-LD Inc., FemtoBlanc Inc., 360ip Inc., and Ascendance Biotechnology, Inc. and is a Lead Director of Kopin Corporation.
Mr. Collins’ distinguished accomplishments also include having served on the New Jersey Governor's Commission on Science and Technology, the New Jersey Governor’s Superconductivity Roundtable, Member of the National Academy of Engineering and a Member of the Research Roundtable of the National Academy of Sciences. He also chaired President Reagan’s Task Force on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, served as a speech writer on economic policy for President Reagan and as a technology policy advisor to President George H. W. Bush. As a volunteer at the Securities and Exchange Commission, he developed the current version of Rule 144, a major source of liquidity for investors in early-stage public companies. Mr. Collins also served as President, Director and Chairman of the National Venture Capital Association.
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