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Thought Leadership

Here at Doughmain Financial Literacy Foundation, we are hard at work to provide students with an updated financial literacy curriculum that propels them into adulthood with a new found financial independence.

Our goal is to build financial literacy in students through student centered, multi-sensory activities that are delivered into the classroom and home at no cost to the educator or institution. With an engaging program and visionary approach, our hope is for a more sustainable learning experience that also provides teachers the opportunity to address the needs of each student individually.


And we’re not stopping there.

Another large initiative has been to create awareness for the state of financial literacy in our country amongst varied demographics and seeking out ways to merge those findings with our teachings from inside the classroom.


How do we plan to achieve that?

We are now serving up informational blog posts with added perspective from industry thought leaders right here on! Be sure to stay tuned for our latest post updates and don’t miss a beat by signing up for the Doughmain Financial Literacy Foundation newsletter.

With that, we also invite you to be a fundamental part of the financial literacy initiative by educating yourself, having open discussions about finances with the young people in your life, and by making a contribution to our foundation. Together we can make tremendous progress in building a financially FIT country!


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