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AlexGoing into this internship, I wasn’t sure what to expect or if I was prepared enough for the tasks I would have to complete. I was both nervous and excited to lead a team, but afraid that I wouldn’t have all of the answers because I didn’t have much experience. I think that throughout this internship I learned that not having all of the answers all of the time is ok, I was able to put myself out of my comfort zone and I was able to use my skills outside of the classroom in a professional environment, which is something I have never had the chance to do before.

I set goals for myself of what I wanted to accomplish throughout this internship, with the first being to increase our online presence. Another goal I had set was to be able to learn more about the functionality of nonprofits and how their marketing is different from that of a for-profit business. I also wanted to learn more about financial literacy and how it affects others. My goals consisted of what I wanted to be able to do for the organization, and also what I wanted to learn from the organization. I was able to achieve all of these goals and more from this internship.

I liked the amount of freedom that I was given throughout this internship. The marketing and branding of the foundation was essentially in my hands, and it was up to me to determine the best approach to take. Through multiple analytics and assessments, I was able to determine the proper marketing approach. Many interns with other organizations most likely don’t get the opportunity to write their own plan and set the approach for the organization. I felt like I was able to truly contribute to the organization and not just follow guidelines that were already set for me. I got to be creative and test my ideas.
Above all, I learned that managing social media takes a lot of time. Results don’t just happen overnight, which can sometimes be frustrating, but hard work pays off over time. I also learned that social media approaches are constantly changing. Like we saw, for example, our audience switched from more females to more males, and you always have to be ready to make a change to reflect that. Not only did I get marketing and social media experience, but I also got to improve my writing skills through the creation of newsletters and press releases.

DoughMain Education Foundation went above and beyond to ensure that my internship experience was a success. Between the workshops and feedback from other professionals, the challenging tasks I was given and the opportunity to work in a team environment, I now feel prepared to go out into the professional world and continue to use and develop my marketing skills. I can’t thank DoughMain Education Foundation enough for the positive experience they have provided me with.

Alexandra N., James Madison University, Class of 2017

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