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Sophie VThroughout my time as a graphic design intern at DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation I was able to obtain a valuable amount of real work experience.

That experience primarily consisted of the completion of various projects that were entrusted to me, all of which related back to my focus of graphic design.

For example, I was given the opportunity to design all of the promotional items for DoughMain’s upcoming 3rd Annual Financial Literacy Golf Classic. I took part in the redesign and discussions relating to the reformatting of their entire financial literacy curriculum. These were projects that the foundation will use and possibly implement on a larger scale. Knowing that I had a direct hand in creating these important components for DMFLF was and remains to be overwhelmingly satisfying. I truly felt as though I was treated not just as an obsolete intern, but as a professional equal, playing a vital role for the company.
In addition to gaining experience, I also learned a lot about how a non-profit operates and was able to take part in several interesting workshops. Those workshops allowed all the interns to learn about how to better prepare ourselves for the professional world, such as how to effectively use LinkedIn, and how to create and maintain positive energy in the workplace. I felt as though the Executive Director, Robert Church, really cared enough to create a well-rounded experience for all of the interns in order to ensure we got the most out of this experience. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed working for DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation and consider it to have been a very beneficial and positive experience.     

Sophie V., Rider University, Class of 2017

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