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DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to building a better tomorrow by educating students today, in order to forge a financially literate America.

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What is “Financial Literacy”?


Financial literacy [fi-nan-shuh l lit-er-uh-see] The ability to understand how money works in the world

How someone manages to earn or make it
How that person manages it
How he/she invests it (turn it into more)
How that person donates it to help others.

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How You Can Help

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Who We Are And What We Do

See what DoughMain has to offer teachers and students

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60% of Americans Spend without a Budget

2015 Survey conducted by ACA International

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75% of college graduates are financially illiterate.

2014 study by JumpStartCoalition for Personal Financial Literacy

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The Good News
Financial education is increasingly becoming a required topic.
The Bad News
Teachers lack the resources to effectively teach personal finances.

Stories of Success

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During the Spring of 2017 (2% of the school student population), our FitKit H.S. Youth Financial Literacy Program became popular among students with 20% of the student population and growing now requesting the course be added to their schedules.

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Test Your Financial Literacy

43% of Americans and 67% of the world population failed to pass this five question financial literacy test. Can you pass it?

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What Teachers are Saying

“The 2008 financial crisis displayed the need for personal finance courses, and this curriculum certainly fills that need.”

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“The videos add an amazing element to the already engaging curriculum, which students love.”

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“The hands-on and real life connections which students make are incredible.”

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“I feel confident that the next generation of Americans will be better prepared, if they have the opportunity to complete this course.”

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“This modern approach to the contemporary concept of personal finance fits right in with 21st Century teens.”

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The Financial Literacy Crisis

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