Shealyn O'Toole doughmain education foundationShealynn O'Toole

Grant and Business Development Associate

 Shealynn is currently a student at the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University. She is working to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Public Policy with a concentration in Non-Profit Management.

Shealynn began working with the foundation as a grant writing and research intern during the summer of 2017 where she emerged as the lead development intern. Due to her dedication and commitment to financial literacy education and her professionalism and work ethic, Shealynn was offered and accepted the opportunity to join the foundation team as a Grants and Business Development Associate and Mentor to incoming interns.

After 13 years of being a Girl Scout, Shealynn earned the Girl Scout Gold Award - the highest award you can achieve from the organization. Her interest in community service and helping others is what helped her decide on a career in non-profit. When she is not in class or in the office, she enjoys her time in the outdoors with her dogs and continuously supports the Women's Leadership Coalition and local Humane Societies.


Kayla Cardona doughmain education foundationKayla Cardona

Public Relations, Communications Lead

Kayla is a student at Monmouth University pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Communications/Public Relations. She has been an active member of the Public Relations Student Society of America since 2015. During her college experience, Kayla has volunteered for nonprofit organizations such as Redeem Her, Pinwheel Place and Autism Speaks.

Kayla began working with the foundation as a marketing social media Intern during the summer of 2017 where she emerged as the lead marketing social media intern. Due to her dedication, work ethic and commitment Kayla opted to continue as a volunteer with the organization in the role of Public Relations and Communication Lead.

Kayla is a multi-faceted and enthusiastic professional with several years of experience working in the non-profit sector. Kayla is also active in several clubs and organizations such as, Tau Sigma Honor Society, Transfer Student Connection Club and The Outlook.



Brittany Welsh doughmain education foundationBrittany Welsh

Head of Marketing and Social Media

Brittany is currently a Social Media Coordinator at TD Ameritrade where she was recently recognized with a Markie’s, Best Social Media Campaign. Brittany has over 5 years of experience in marketing and social media working with organizations ranging from small businesses and local events to corporate financial custodians in their efforts to build an authentic connection with their audience.

Brittany volunteers her time to the foundation by providing strategic, creative and technical leadership for all digital marketing programs. She manages a team of volunteers and interns to build a custom digital media program, lead its execution, guide content creation, and partner with other departments to develop integrated marketing solutions.

When Brittany isn’t building awareness for the foundation’s efforts in financial literacy education online, she is can be found chasing after her 2 young girls, Lily and Violet.



Hemali Vyas doughmain education foundationHemali Vyas

Executive and Operations Coordinator

Hemali is a graduate of Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Economics with a concentration in Marketing and Finance.

Hemali began working with the foundation as a grant writing and research intern during the spring of 2017 where she emerged as the lead development intern. She went on to recruit other interns to expand her team at the foundation. Due to Hemali’s attention to detail, work ethic, organizational skills and ability to handle complex issues, she was offered and accepted the opportunity to join the foundation team as the Executive and Operations Coordinator.

Hemali strongly believes in the efforts of DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation because she did not have the privilege to learn about making financial decisions in high school. It is her time at Rutgers and her coursework that helps her appreciate DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation’s message to today’s youth. In her free time, she enjoys reading and spending time with her friends and family. 

john croce director marketing communications doughmain education foundationJack Devery



Katelyn Kennedy doughmain education foundationKatelyn Kennedy

Sr. Graphic Designer

A student at Philadelphia University and Graduate of Brookdale Community College, Katelyn is working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design Communication. Katelyn has been actively involved as a Design Consultant, Production, Sales, Social Media Administrator for JCK Special Tees in Howell NJ. Working in her family owned printing and marketing business, and through her educational experiences Katelyn has developed high level skills in Adobe Creative Suite, Corel, Typography, Screen Printing, Sales and Production. Katelyn came to DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation during the winter of 2016 highly recommended by Integrated Marketing Services and has since established herself as the Graphic Design Team Leader for interns. Katelyn in an avid country girl and is not shy about taking on challenge whether it involves branding for a 2,000-page curriculum or helping to deliver birth lambs at a farm in Allentown


Ernie_Esposito doughmain education foundationErnest Esposito

Head of Art and Graphic Design

A graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia Ernie has more than 11 years of experience in graphic design and business leadership. Ernie is passionate and has worked as a project manager in all areas of design including: Conceptualizing, sketching, estimating, surveying, designing, prepressing, printing, fabricating, finishing, delivering, installing, and taking photographs of the final pieces, bringing all his talents together. He is highly skilled in Adobe Creative suites, Corel Draw, Omega composer and other design tools. Ernie made his way to DoughMain Education Foundation by way of a small farm in southern New Jersey. While dodging tractors, selling pumpkins roadside, and finding himself in the occasional burlap sack (all three true stories!), Ernie would look over his 1990 Kenner catalog in awe as that year’s line of toys called his name. Later in life, he chose to view the effective child-focused advertising as time he fell in love with design. The layouts, the logos, the figures arranged perfectly in villain-destorying stances, all lead Ernie down the path of art and design. Ernie donates a significant amount of this time to utilizing his skills to help others.


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