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About DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation

DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to building a better tomorrow by educating students today, in order to forge a financially literate America.



DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation 2017 Goals:

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How You Can Help

By supporting DoughMain Education Foundation you are helping make financial education a priority and available in our classrooms. You are empowering people buy their home to own a home, send their kids to college, build a small business, live the American Dream and pursue happiness.


Donate 2Donate

Donate to or invest in DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation today!



Sponsor 2Sponsor

Become a Sponsor of financial literacy by joining our partnership team.



Partcipate 2Participate!

Participate in or sponsor events such as our annual Financial Literacy Golf Classic.



Donate an Auto

Donate your automobile to a good cause and help support financial literacy.



Our Team




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189 Wall Street, Suite B
Princeton, NJ 08540